‘UAVpix’ is a specialist aerial imagery company, based in the South East Kent, using remotely controlled multi-rotorcopters (unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deploy professional level cameras for aerial filming, inspection and surveillance.

At a fraction of the cost, our equipment can reach over 70% of places that a manned helicopter can go, and lots of other places where they can’t safely operate! UAVs are now a realistic and achievable alternative to more traditional methods such as manned helicopters, rope access, abseiling, scaffolding and cherry pickers, and can produce results in a fraction of the time and cost.

‘UAVpix’ have the capability to provide affordable aerial photography, thermal imagery, video imagery and inspection services to the commercial, government, local authority and security sectors. Highly cost effective, low risk and innovative solutions are tailored specifically for client needs and requirements. ‘UAVpix’ can negate the requirement to risk staff in extreme or hazardous environments.

Our UAV operators are all RPQ-S qualified and we are CAA PFCO (Day and Night) accredited (1501) allowing us to effectively undertake commercial work to the highest standards of safety and operation. We work to our own CAA assessed Operations Manual, which conforms fully with UK air law and operating guidelines. The manual establishes the operational and maintenance procedures we follow and thus ensures the safety of the public, structures and our crew.

‘UAVpix’ are more than willing to travel to your location in the UK or abroad. If more convenient and we know of any suitable UAV operators in your area that we can recommend we will be able to put you in direct contact with them. Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to provide any advice we can.