The benefits of the use of UAV technology may be summarised under three generic areas; Operational, Safety and Cost Reduction.


  • No plant or equipment outrage. Normal operations can continue during UAV inspection or survey for over 95% of all scenarios.
  • Reduction in risk for planned maintenance as issues can be identified and included in work scheduling.
  • Higher quality information as UAVs can fly closer than manned aircraft. Problems can be identified and diagnosed rapidly.
  • Higher quality information as integrated imagery (vertical and oblique photography) can be combined with Digital Terrain Mapping.
  • Faster inspection times allows for problems to be more quickly resolved.
  • Evidence obtained for later more detailed examination. Reduces risk of problems been ‘missed’.
  • Negates, or significantly reduces, requirement to deploy large ground survey teams.


  • All ‘UAVpix’ UAV Operators hold CAA approved qualifications and the company has the required permissions from the CAA.
  • CAA approval always obtained prior to operating in congested areas, and clients briefed on any limitations.
  • No requirement for staff to be placed at risk in potentially hazardous areas.
  • Negates requirement to Work at Height. No requirement for compliance with Work at Height Regulations 2005.
  • Formal risk assessments developed for EVERY task.
  • Exposure risks reduce due to time saved by UAV operations.

Cost Reduction

  • Imagery obtained at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.
  • Shut down costs are massively reduced or even negated.
  • Reduces number of physical site visits.
  • Faster inspection times reduce staff time on ground.
  • UAV operational costs known and agreed in advance. Rarely are there cost over-runs.
  • Survey costs reduced as UAV can survey 100 hectares/day, or 5 wind turbines per day.
  • Ground survey times are reduced by a factor of up to 50.

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