As aerial photography is such a growth area we have included an FAQ section to our website that covers many of the questions we are frequently asked.

The range of tasks for unmanned aerial vehicles is ever growing as the industry develops and UAV capabilities are more widely explored. Please visit our Services page for examples of potential applications.

We currently hold a standard Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) (Number 1501), which restricts us to 120 metres Above Ground Level (AGL) and at a distance of 500m from the UAV Operator. It is possible to get CAA exemptions, but these would take 21 days to arrange and are not guaranteed.

Flight times are dependent on the type of UAV and the payload (camera type). In general an average flight time of between 18 to 28 minutes can be achieved before the battery is drained. Then it is just a case of changing the battery, and we have plenty of spare batteries!

Yes, as a condition of our CAA approval we hold public liability insurance for up to £2 million. This can be increased to £5 million should the task require such a level of cover.

We prefer to refer to them as UAV Operators. They have all qualified through the RPQ-S, or equivalent, scheme and are notified to the CAA.

Flights over congested areas require specific approval from the CAA, which may take up to 21 days and is not guaranteed. Flights over London are even more complicated as there are a number of restricted areas (EGR) (EGR 160 – City of London), (EGR 157 – Buckingham Palace) and (EGR 158 – Docklands), plus another 2 close by. A non-standard flight application as above is required.

For safety reasons we cannot operate a UAV within 50m of a vessel or structure unless they are under the ‘control’ of the UAV Operator, or within 50m of an individual.

We must also be at least 150m away from built up or congested areas unless we have the owner’s permission or a specific approval from the CAA.

We require air traffic approval to operate in Class A, C, D or E airspace, in effect within 2.5 nautical miles of airports.

If you have a question or would like to get in touch about our UAV platforms and services, contact us.