‘UAVpix’ will always endeavour to deliver the highest quality product to the client. Achievement of this aim requires that an effective quality assurance policy is in place, is implemented and that a culture of continuous improvement is engendered within the company. Feedback from clients and staff is actively sought by the company and will be acted upon to improve our working practices and systems.

Policy statement

Our statement of Quality Management policy is:

  • To provide a management system enabling delivery of a service which meets customer requirements first time, every time.
  • To maximise the effectiveness of our employees through continued training and development.
  • To continually improve our business through regular statement of objectives establishment of performance metrics.
  • To regularly review of performance against objectives and finally review of objectives themselves.
  • To keep this Policy Statement under review and revise it as necessary at regular intervals.

Quality Plan

The overall company quality plan is that the management and staff of ‘UAVPIX’ will ensure that the quality of the service provided to its customers will at all times comply with their requirements, and the ISO 9001:2015 standard for the service provided by the company.

The quality system in operation by ‘UAVpix’ is designed to:

  • ensure that company operations are conducted safely, effectively and efficiently;
  • meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard; and
  • ensure that customer requirements are met in full.

The Commercial Director is responsible for the quality management aspects of the business.