The range of tasks for unmanned aerial vehicles is ever growing as the industry develops and the UAV capabilities are more widely explored. Please see below for a small selection of examples of potential work. If you have a question or would like to get in touch about our UAV platforms and services, contact us.

UAV Services:

Plant Health
  • Identify crop failure and diagnose illness
Plant Production
  • Determine crop maturity
  • Determine plant and crop health using NDVI
  • Identify optimal time for harvest
  • Provides information to regulate pesticides
  • Provides information to optimise irrigation

Civil Engineering
  • Identify structural defects
  • Digital height modelling
  • Digital terrain mapping
  • Layer imagery
  • Topographic surveys
  • Volume and hydraulic models

Plant Health
  • Identify vine failure and diagnose illness
Plant Production
  • Determine vine maturity
  • Determine plant and crop health using NDVI

Coastal Erosion
  • Identify and measure rate of coastal erosion
  • Locate wild animals lairs and nests
  • Identify protected plant species

Pylons and Wind Turbines
  • Inspection
Solar Inspections
  • Identify damaged solar cells

Land Acquisitions
  • High resolution imagery for records.
  • Identification of land restoration and damage
  • Photographic evidence for compensation
Property Acquisition
  • High resolution imagery for records
  • Condition and damage assessment
  • Photographic evidence for compensation